Our Mission

To glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ

We envision loving communities in irresistible environments, engaging the curious, equipping the convinced & embarking on missions for Christ.

Engaging the Curious

How can there be a God if...? We all have questions. The good news? We are eager to listen to yours, and help get you answers.

Equipping the Convinced

When God is your refuge, you are immovable. Gain a deeper understanding of Scripture that will inspire you to live out your faith with confidence.

Embarking on Missions

Our church is dedicated to supporting missionaries. We currently have missionaries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe and the USA

Sermon Series

Rebuilding: from Rubble to Revival

Do you recall the words Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover - Home Edition? A dilapidated, near demolition project would be transformed into a hope-giving home. What once seemed in ruin would be renovated, restored, renewed, refreshed and in a sense... reborn. An audience of people would be waiting with bated breath in anticipation of the grand reveal of the makeover and then you would hear the words, “Move. That. Bus!” If you know this show at all, you know what happened next. You would hear a collective deep gasp, followed by a salient string of "oohs" and "awes", often accompanied by a stream of joy-infused tears.
What if what happened to those homes, could happen to your heart? What if it happened to the heart of someone you love? Maybe you’re already saved, but we’re all still under construction. God has a refreshing plan for you.
We’re calling our new sermon series in the book of Nehemiah “Rebuilding: from Rubble to Revival.” Jesus knows all about rebuilding. After all He was a carpenter. But in the words of Josh McDowell, he is more than a carpenter. He has a renovation and renewal plan of the heart for each of us. But the call to reveal is not, “Move that bus!” It is more like, “Move among us!” Hope you will join us as we learn how God can rebuild and renovate us individually and collectively. So, move yourself to church! Let’s see what God can do! Service time is every Sunday at 10 AM.

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