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Our Mission
To glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ

We envision loving communities in irresistible environments, engaging the curious, equipping the convinced & embarking on missions for Christ.

Engaging the Curious

How can there be a God if...? We all have questions. The good news? We are eager to listen to yours, and help get you answers.

Equipping the Convinced

When God is your refuge, you are immovable. Gain a deeper understanding of Scripture that will inspire you to live out your faith with confidence.

Embarking on Missions

Our church is dedicated to supporting missionaries. We currently have missionaries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Central America, Europe and the USA

Sermon Series

God & Government

Our new series, “God and Government” aims to help us reclaim the influence God has for us as Christians; His people called by His name. In this series, we will return to our nation’s spiritual roots, take a look at its founders’ faith, their biblical worldview and the values it birthed and the places it broke. In the process, we’ll take a good look in the mirror (God’s word) and ask him to help us be His instruments of peace to help bring healing to these divided states of America.

Rescue Sunday - Mourn. Pray. Worship. Praise. Do.

Date TBD

  • Worship Center
  • Speakers from Run2Rescue & SB Pregnancy Center
  • Worship led by Philip Bardowell