Summit Classes

Deputy Greg Jones
Combating Cyber Exploitation
Dr. Pam Perez
A Call to Arms
Rev. Timothy Mercaldo
Community Involvement
Seth Gruber
Defender of Life

We are excited and grateful to present our third Rescue Sunday event here in beautiful Yucaipa!

This event will be different than the last two; we are creating an incredible Informative Summit so that we like-minded citizens can come together and passionately continue to DO whatever we can to help eradicate the horrific reality of precious children being abused, sold, stolen, videoed and killed for profit (starting from the womb). Our event will allow us the time and space to learn new methods to help rescue and protect our own children, our community’s children and children all over our nation and world.

Rescue Sunday will consist of a free spaghetti dinner (with donations going to our Honorable Guests Run2Rescue and the San Bernardino Pregnancy & Family Resource Center) and silent auction featuring some awesome prizes, followed by a time of worship and 2 summit rotations where you can listen to one of our amazing speakers/teachers during each rotation. You can read more on what each class will entail here. We will close with more worship and a special time of prayer.

Sign up today to let us know which classes you would like to attend!

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